Interact, engage and connect

Bilbao Tech Week welcomes all tech professionals and enthusiasts to interact, engage and connect in a week-long event designed to shed light on the wide array of innovative projects taking place in the Basque Country. The week will include everything from internationally renowned speakers to workshops and dynamic acitivities designed to maximize the attendees' experience and sure to leave a lasting impact both on the individual as well as the community. Given the fact that these week-long events have taken place in various cities throughout the globe, it is only logical that Bilbao step up to show its many contributions to innovation and new uses of technology.

Our objective is to give a consolidated voice to the many agencies, companies and individuals who are playing an active role in the area's technological evolution- from CEOs and business owners to gamers and aspring young entrepreneurs, what we all share is a vision of a better future.

Join us by offering your expertise, your enthusiasm or just an open mind to learn something new which can later be shared.

Supported by

  • bilbao Ekintza
  • Bizkaiko Foru Aldundia - Diputación Foral de Bizkaia
  • Bizkaiko Foru Aldundia - Diputación Foral de Bizkaia

Organized and promoted by

  • Ve Interactive
  • Bilbao Valley
  • Travioor
  • BBK - Bilbao Bizkaia Kutxa
  • Universidad de Deusto
  • Mondragon Unibertsitatea - BBF
  • Dock
  • Centro San Luis

Partner companies

  • Tecnalia
  • Innobasque
  • Flow
  • CIO Eureka
  • HICC
  • Implika
  • Obicex
  • Basqueland Brewing Project
  • Irontec
  • Irudigital
  • Virtualware labs
  • Digipen
  • Gestionet
  • C2B
  • TellmeWow
  • .eus
  • Batura Mobile
  • Airea
  • Harrobia
  • Binima
  • Zorraquino
  • linkedin branding
  • bcome
  • conteneo
  • Drone by Drone
  • Flying Dodos
  • net mind
  • traintium
  • Woo Media
  • Thinkers Academy
  • Reactcomms